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Maxi Activity Box 3D

A Maxi Activity Box 3D is an articulated box in which is integrated a beautiful 3D decoration. This cabinet remains open at 90 ° in the manner of a display. The Maxi Activity Box 3D contains a set of artistic accessories: 2 sheets of stickers, 1 coloring book, 6 markers, 10 pastels, 1 pencil sharpener, 16 pencils, 1 eraser and 15 plates of characters Make it possible to recreate the world of our favorite heroes.

Markers, Pencils & Pastels

Two compartments with 6 markers, 10 pastels and 16 pencils, a pencil sharpener and a gum, to let express your creativity.

Colouring Book
The giant box gives you a 20-page coloring book of 15 by 20 cm in which you will find your favorite heroes.
Stand-alone figures

15 cardboard (18.6 x 16 cm) of characters and scenery will make you dive into the wonderful world of your favorite heroes.

Two (13 x 21 cm) sheets of stickers depicting characters, decors, logos and designs.
3D Playset

Adjacent to the drawer, a decor can be subtracted.
This scenery unfolds all around the box, offering a multitude of different landscapes on which you will bring your characters to life.

Bring your favorite heroes to life and perform beautiful artistic activities through our collection of giant recreational boxes.